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Therefore, the preparatory estimate for materials only serves as a price guide. The final estimate for materials - in essence, this is the sum of all receipts. How to choose the best way to calculate the estimate. It is impossible to describe the "standard" estimate. How many builders - so many estimates.
From what we saw earlier, selling a floating house in Belarus is a puzzle with an asterisk. (One of these objects, which was exhibited, by the way, for less than $ 75 thousand. according to the course, even nowadays it is moored on the shores of the Minsk Sea.) The reason is the caution of Belarusians: - Selling a floating house in Belarus is really not easy.
Awnings, the cost of which is available to a wide range . The overlap between floors in an apartment building is an integral part of the structure, which carries heavy loads. He is presented with harsh . The cubature of a log is the volume of wood material, measured in cubic meters.
Visitors are already coming to us, despite the fact that we do not offer walks on the water yet. Of course, if they opened in May (in season), the interest would be stronger. On the other hand, we have time by the spring to finalize all the subtleties, test technologies and come up with a format, - says the interlocutor.
It will look quite impressive against the background of a frozen or dark winter window. Tools and materials: wooden box; floristic foam "Oasis"; pine bark; coniferous branches (pine, fir, juniper, spruce); cotton; cones of various sizes; Christmas decorations; candles; any New Year's decor (in this case, a New Year's star); branches with berries (hellebore, mountain ash, viburnum); floristic wire; mica; lighter; glue; scissors.

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