Salman Khan

Salman Khan compares himself to ‘a raped woman’ in interview?


Sultan actor Salman Khan has obviously felt free to done it once more. He’s made one of his trademark socially awkward act, and there is next to no that he can do this opportunity to get himself out of this mess of his own making.


In a meeting, which at first appeared like a Spotboye elite, Khan was discussing his chaotic shooting plan for Sultan, in which he plays a wrestler. While clarifying how tiring the shoot was, Khan has been cited as saying: “While shooting, amid those six hours, there’d be such a large amount of lifting and pushing on the ground included. That was extreme for me on the grounds that in the event that I was lifting, I’d need to lift the same 120-kilo fellow 10 times for 10 distinctive points.


Also, moreover, get tossed that multiple occassions on the ground. This demonstration is not rehashed that multiple occassions in the genuine battles in the ring. When I used to leave the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like an assaulted lady. I couldn’t walk straight. I would eat and afterward, head right back to preparing. That couldn’t stop.”


Presently, we comprehend that after such a tumultuous calendar, combined with a torrent of meetings, it can be hard to think straight, yet would anyone be able to — not to mention an open figure with such a gigantic fan taking after — be pardoned for making such a correlation?


It appeared like Spotboye had a select one on one with Salman, yet it was really a gathering association as has become visible in a sound recording of the occasion, where Salman made the remark.


Consistent with structure, Twitterverse is buzzing with Khan’s remark, and individuals have minced no words to tweet out their feeling.

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