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What can help you get the most points when writing an essay? - jamesthomas - 06-29-2022

Learn to paraphrase the source
While answering the questions posed, make sure not to use exactly the words you read or heard in the source, or your total score will be lowered. Do not repeat the words used in the question; use your own. Demonstrate a rich vocabulary. 

Focus on the text and take notes

During the integrated assignment, try to be as attentive as possible. Identify the main topic of the passage, remember that the speaker repeats important ideas over and over again. Don't forget to write down important facts and ideas - these notes can seriously help you complete the assignment if you forget any nuances. Pay attention to how the main ideas develop in the text and how they are interconnected.

Practice writing good essays

Of course, your writing skills are extremely important for this part of the written exam. A good essay should be of sufficient length, not too big and not too small. The optimal number of words is 300-400, divided into 4-5 paragraphs. In addition, it is necessary to correctly organize the presentation of myhomeworkhelp review. In the first paragraph should tell about the main idea of your written statement. In the next three paragraphs, provide arguments and details. In the last paragraph, summarize. The transition from one idea to another should be very smooth and clear. The overall text should be a whole, not a set of statements.

Don't deviate from the topic

Many students deviate from the main topic and write a lot of unnecessary text in order to increase the volume of the essay. However, such an essay will get a bad grade. Try not to write about things that are not related to the topic of the statement. If you give specific examples, they should correspond to the topic. Do not add "water" in order to increase the length of the text, as its quality invariably suffers. You can write about personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, but they must fit into the overall picture.

Practice writing different essays

Practice is the key to good writing. Only through practice can you improve your writing skills. For the final stage of the TOEFL exam, you also need to prepare carefully: write essays at home. Write about finance, health, the environment, business, politics, and other topics. Learn to justify your thoughts and ideas, name your arguments, and defend them in your essay.  Also, don't forget that you need to write your essay in a specific amount of time, so set time limits during practice as well. Look at how long it takes you to write a good 300-400 word essay. Pay attention to your vocabulary: what topics are you struggling with? Take grammatical and punctuation mistakes seriously, try to tighten up all aspects of your writing.

Avoid stupid mistakes.

Examiners are not trying to "flunk" students at all. However, those who make silly mistakes are doomed to fail. Most of all, examiners do not like it when an essay is too short or too long, when a student uses slang expressions, makes grammatical and punctuation mistakes, does not give examples, etc.

Some students do not reread what they have written, and as a result there are simple spelling errors in the text. Be sure to reread what you have written and edit the text before turning it in.
The chances of getting a low grade increase if you use clichés and standard blanks in your essay. These are acceptable during practice, but have no place in your exam paper.

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RE: What can help you get the most points when writing an essay? - ninaheidi - 07-04-2022

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