Did Rekha secretly marry Sanjay Dutt? Her biographer opens up


Did Rekha secretly marry Sanjay Dutt? Her biographer opens up..

On Sunday, stories that Rekha was subtly married to Sanjay Dutt turned into a web sensation. Refering to the performing artist’s account, Rekha – The Untold Story, as the source, numerous productions even composed that she applies sindoor in his name. While netizens were all the while processing this bit of news, Rekha’s biographer, Yasser Usman, has subdued these reports.

Conversing with Hindustan Times, Yasser stated, “This isn’t right. Nothing of this sort has been said in my book. Individuals don’t read appropriately.” Clearing up what he wrote in the book that prompted to these reports, he stated, “Rekha and Sanjay Dutt were working in a film together, most likely Zameen Aasmaan (1984). The bits of gossip about their undertaking surfaced around then. Truth be told, some went ahead to state that they got married. These gossipy tidbits turned out to be strong to the point that Sanjay Dutt needed to deny the charges in a magazine. It was an official dissent.”

The author included that despite the fact that “there wasn’t any marriage,” the news stood out as truly newsworthy on the grounds that Sanjay Dutt made an official refusal.

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